What’s A Wine Lover To Do?

What's A Wine Lover To Do? Wine GuideSo, at Christmas I just received this great-looking book full of essential pointers and tips for oenophiles (that’s a smart-ass-sounding word that basically just means “someone obsessed with wines”).

It’s written by Wes Marshall, who I’ve long enjoyed reading for his wine column articles in the Austin Chronicle, here in Texas.

The book claims to teach how to:

  • Confidently match wine and food;
  • Find Cabernet wine bargains;
  • “Talk Chardonnay”;
  • “Sniff and swirl”;
  • Talk to restaurant sommeliers;
  • Explore the world’s great wine regions;
What's A Wine Lover To Do? book by Wes Marshall
What’s A Wine Lover To Do? book by Wes Marshall

Since I’m already a certified sommelier, I’m looking forward to reading through this book and comparing it to the lectures I already received in wine training. Since I already know how to “sniff and swirl”, and I don’t need to know how to talk to sommeliers (I could just talk to myself, if that were important, ha-ha!), I’m much more interested in reading through all the information about the various wine regions.